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We built a Web3-native content publishing platform on Unlock Protocol that stores user data and the content that is produced in a decentralised fashion. Headline was created as user-centric platform that interfaces email marketing channels and provides a decentralised identity to the users. Headline, thus, offers a mailgun integration and utilises Ceramic registries with IPFS under the hood.

Bufficorn Buidl Brigade

We designed, built, and deployed a DApp for SporkDAO's Bufficorn BUIDL Brigade (BBB) community to swap traits between NFTs. Bufficorns are avatars anyone can obtain as NFT and customize. The completed DApp, which allows users to exchange traits between two different Bufficorns, aligns both with the brand identity of the client and opens up a new world of innovation for unique yet dynamic NFTs. We shipped an application that is currently live and endures high traffic through our implementation of a scalable backend.endures high traffic through our implementation of a scalable backend.


We conceptualised, ideated, built, and launched a personal profile picture (PFP) NFT-minting application for musician and songwriter Jonathan Mann. Namely, SongADay mints all the over 5000 songs he created and continues to produce - one a day - as NFTs. By developing the webpage for SongADay, designing the illustrations, as well as developing and deploying the smart contracts for the NFT auction, we enabled a Web3 business model. Hence, we delivered the core of SongADAO with a todays treasury of ETH 57.


In the scope of AURA, we built an innovative system that uses data from various sources to reward users for providing high quality BrightID verifications. It allows users to stake their opinions and provides incentives for accurate predictions. It tracks the past actions and reputation of each provider, and has a token (MNT) to govern aspects of the system. Participants earn MNT for providing good information and can stake it on opinions to earn more.

Nifty Apes

NiftyApes is a system of smart contracts that enables NFT owners to access instant liquidity using the NFTs they own as collateral. The NiftyApes smart contracts are flexible, and allow lenders to create loan offers with any combination of Principal (e.g. amount offered), Duration, and APR. Automatic, always-on loan auctions drive towards fair market values of the assets along a risk-adjusted timeline. Lending via the NiftyApes smart contracts is designed to be a win-win-win game.

Lil Nouns

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