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What We Did

NiftyApes is a system of smart contracts that enables NFT owners to access instant liquidity using the NFTs they own as collateral. The NiftyApes smart contracts are flexible, and allow lenders to create loan offers with any combination of Principal (e.g. amount offered), Duration, and APR. Automatic, always-on loan auctions drive towards fair market values of the assets along a risk-adjusted timeline. Lending via the NiftyApes smart contracts is designed to be a win-win-win game.

Nifty Apes

The Challenge

Take NiftyApes from untested code to, a fully implemented NFT loan protocol with fully integrated Yearn Strategies.

Our Approach

We divided the over-haul into four RAIDs. We started by refactoring the client's solidity smart contracts to be testable with the forge toolchain, and auditable with the trailofbits slither tool.

Then, we implemented a continuous integration pipeline to run the tests on each pull request and commit on the primary branch. We wrote test coverage for the smart contracts. During our second RAID we tested all public contract interfaces for signature based and on-chain offer functions. We decreased costs with gas optimization and put out a Slither x Solhint code quality and analysis report. During our last two RAIDS we dug deep into researching yearn strategies and then implemented those strategies for NiftyApes.

The Result

Work with a lean and fast team with coordinated skillsets to deliver quick iterations on the Most Important steps to getting the protocol running and offering its product!

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