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What We Did

We conceptualised, ideated, built, and launched a personal profile picture (PFP) NFT-minting application for musician and songwriter Jonathan Mann. Namely, SongADay mints all the over 5000 songs he created and continues to produce - one a day - as NFTs. By developing the webpage for SongADay, designing the illustrations, as well as developing and deploying the smart contracts for the NFT auction, we enabled a Web3 business model. Hence, we delivered the core of SongADAO with a todays treasury of ETH 57.


The Challenge

Most musicians struggle monetising their work to support themselves and their families, as well as gaining a following. Jonathan had accumulated an extensive following on Youtube, but relied on revenue created from advertising on the platform. With SongADay we laid the foundation for a hub that can become a home for his following. The NFT auction contract, we built then enabled SongADAO to sustain itself. Yet, its was our objective to grant Jonathan as an individual and musician a share of the proceedings from his original work.

Our Approach

We initiated the development process with a design and ideation sprint, where we collected the requirements from the client and collected necessary design assets for delivering a UX that blended into the existing design system. We then structured the building in three phases to give our client suitable tooling to control cost and to also hold ourselves accountable to the process. Afterwards, we mapped the architecture and designed medium fidelity wireframes, which were turned into high fidelity later.

In a later stage, we completed the smart contracts and deployed them with a the frontend for a test auction on Rinkeby. In a last step we integrated the webpages, as well as the contracts on Ethereum Mainnet with the existing website and oversaw the launch. Each phase’s scope was defined by using an agile methodology and their increments reviewed through retrospecting and demoing to the client.

The Result

Our solution to give Jonathan as much time for creating a song a day included designing the design assets for the NFTs that were to be minted. Furthermore, we automated the pulling of these contents through custom programming a Google Spreadsheet to ensure attribute uniformity. To secure funds for Jonathan, we implemented a payment-splitting ERC721 minting protocol, where transfer accrues royalties. In the backend we integrated IPFS as content addressed storage solution to enable persistent PFP NFTs and inform future decentralised identity creation. For making the technology usable and valuable to SongADay, we paid particular attention to integrate it seamlessly to the existing SongADay website.

In short, we delivered a complex and customised solution that lives up to users expectations, but made it look easy.

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