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What We Did

We built a Web3-native content publishing platform on Unlock Protocol that stores user data and the content that is produced in a decentralised fashion. Headline was created as user-centric platform that interfaces email marketing channels and provides a decentralised identity to the users. Headline, thus, offers a mailgun integration and utilises Ceramic registries with IPFS under the hood.



The Challenge

Unlock protocol challenged us to built a next generation publishing platform that is Web3 native by using Unlocks ability to token gate. We answered by envisioning a newsletter hub, which serves email marketers and content producers alike, while being censorship resistant. Hence, we set out to built Headline. A DApp where all user data and content is stored according to a Ceramic schema in a distributed database. In short, Unlock motivated us to challenge building practices in Web3 through utilising the entire stack of decentralised technologies in the gravity of distributed ledgers.

Our Approach

We aimed to revolutionise the world of subscription newsletters in Web3 by providing a user-centric and decentralised publishing platform using Unlock Protocol. With Headline, creators can directly share their newsletters with readers who hold their membership NFTs, giving them direct control and ownership over their newsletter membership. This approach eliminates the need for a third-party publication platform that forces readers to log in and subscribe to newsletters. Readers will continue to receive newsletters in their inboxes as usual, but for creators, it represents a significant shift towards independence and control over their content. By utilising Ceramic for storing all article metadata and publication data and Lit Protocol for encryption, Headline aims to set a new standard for subscription newsletters in Web3.

The Result

Headline is a user-centric and decentralised publishing platform using Unlock Protocol. We designed and built Headline as a publishing platform that relies solely on decentralised databases and can be token gated. It allows users to store all article metadata and publication data in a decentralised fashion by utilising Ceramic. When creating a publication, Headline stores the name, description, email, and the settings for Lit Protocol in a single document on Ceramic.

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