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RaidGuild is the premier design and dev agency of the Web3 ecosystem. We are deeply entrenched in the bleeding edge of DAOs, DeFi, dApps and everything else in between. Hailing from the MetaCartel network, our team consists of a diverse group of talent with over 9000 years of combined experience.

We know how to buidl and have the connections, talent and experience to turn your ideas into reality. We are lean to the core and deliver high quality results with quick turnarounds.



Validate your ideas and get expert advice on how to build, ship and grow your product.


Design Sprints

Fine tune your product market fit and nail your UX before writing a single line of code.


Full Stack Dev

Make your dApp ideas a reality. From contracts to front ends, our Raiders are the best in the biz.



Level up your meme game and build a compelling narrative for your brand / product.

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